Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GaanaHiGaana.com ?
    GaanaHiGaana.com is an online music streaming website to express yourself & feelings by listen your favourite song.In gaanahigaana.com you will find the wide variety of the songs which you can use according to your mood and situations.
  •  How does it works?
    It is very simple and what is the most important completely free. You don’t need to have any specific skills or install anysoftware to leason mp3 song.
  • Just follow these three Steps :
    Select the any album or Artist
    Choose your favourite song from playlist
    Click on “Play
  •  Any features in future?

           We have a lot of ideas how to entertain you and your friends.

  • Copyrights

           Please, contact us if any copyrights inquiries arise. We will respond promptly as the law requires.

          You can send your feedback to support@gaanahigaana.com or make comments in our blog.